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Tammy Krack

Tammy is a nurse by trade and practiced nursing for 17 years. She has always had a passion for helping and educating people in the medical field, whether it was through direct patient care, a family member, or friend.

Why is an Advocate ideal?

Blessed Advocacy is an Independent Professional who understands how emotional and overwhelming it can be to be faced with an unknown medical crisis, yet alone, trying to maneuver through it all. Through our various services we help provide guidance to the overwhelming and complex healthcare and Insurance system.


Pastor Neil

I had the privilege of meeting and working with Tammy for just under a year as her brother John fought for his life while battling cancer. Throughout the year, Tammy displayed high level of professionalism when interacting with doctors and medical professionals. As a Christian, she was able to give spiritual guidance and comfort to John in times when he became discouraged. She is a wonderful caring person you can trust. I highly recommend Tammy as an advocate.

Rev. Neil Rhodes BA Th. Min

Tammy was an incredible asset and advocate while my cousin battled cancer. She researched oncologists in the central Florida area who specialized in my cousin’s specific type of cancer, made phone calls to their offices, took notes that detailed our options and next steps, and communicated her findings with our family. We were immensely grateful to have her support during such a difficult time.

Michelle Howell

On May 2015, I had lumbar surgery and Tammy assisted me throughout the duration of my hospital stay. She’s very knowledgeable, explained in layman’s terms what the doctor said about my surgery and recovery. I am so grateful that I had Tammy to assist me with all my medical needs.

Sylvia Rodriguez

I can’t express in words how fortunate and grateful our family was to have Tammy as my Brother John’s advocate. John had many health issues therefore resulted in many different doctors, procedures, and hospital visits. Because of Tammy’s medical experience and background she was able to have intelligent discussions with the various doctors and at times question their direction and decisions. As a result, it help us as a family understand the medical jargon in order to make decisions on his medical treatments. I honestly don’t know how families can go through a journey like John’s without an advocate like Tammy.

Cynthia Oliver
Tammy and Rick

Tammy saw the need for this type of service as she helped her brother through his yearlong medical struggle. With her experience, medical background and passion to help others, she would be the perfect person to help those who need help in navigating the medical service maze.

Rick Krack

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