“What if you had a sudden, severe illness and could not speak for yourself? Who would you want to speak for you? What would you want them to know about your preferences for care?”

Services Include but not limited to:


  • A healthcare surrogate or Power of Attorney-(POA) is a person you choose to make healthcare decisions for you if you become too ill to make them on your own. Your surrogate can talk with your doctors, consult your medical records and make decisions about test, procedures and treatments on your behalf. 


  • Because of the recent coronavirus pandemic, the thought of going to the hospital was scary especially since they were not allowing loved ones to accompany you. How scary is it that during a time of need you are unable to fully explain your medical story?
  • This document provides a snap shot of your medical history that is vital to paramedics/EMTs and emergency room physicians.
  • Having your medical story in a one page document can be a lifesaving tool. The information provides vital medical information and wishes specifically pertaining to you during an emergency.   This information reduces a doctor’s time to understand your medical picture and increases the ability to make sound recommendation for your care.
    • Are you prepared for a medical emergency?
    • Do you have your medical story in place?

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